maandag 16 juli 2007

The Build-Up

Is it me, or is this off-season slightly more exciting than most? Maybe it's just because we've just bagged six players of varying degrees of competence (and, indeed, Northern-Irishness) ranging from the fairly cack Diomansy Kamara (words of judgement I hope I will be eating come Christmas) to the rather good Steven Davis, Chris Baird and Aaron Hughes. Healy will be playing for the only man ever to be able to persuade him to come off his lazy arse, so he should do vaguely well. That leaves Konchesky, who is completely hit-and-miss: I haven't seen him do anything worthwile since the 2006 FA Cup , but before that he seemed class enough for Sexy Sven fto give him an England call-up. This, of course, putting him on-par with Ashley, Wayne and erm... Darius, but I digress.

Of course, it is positively dangerous for a Fulham fan to get optimistic, as last season's Arsenal win proved, but I'm sniffing up the fumes of some great things. Lawrie has the reputation of being a bit of an Allardycean defensive tactician, and I think it's high time to give in to the 4-5-1 epidemic currently sweeping the nation. Niemi-Rosenior/Volzy-Hughes/Knight-Baird/Boca-Konchesky/Quedrue-Smertin-Diop-Bullard-

Whaddaya reckon?

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